<aside> ๐Ÿ’ก tl;dr We are building OneAgri to empower the agriculture ecosystem. We aim to democratize knowledge in agriculture by providing cohort-based courses to upskill the agri-learners. OneAgri helps to make learning accessible to farmers, agri-students, and rural youths from their homes/ fields. More Details


Our vision

Democratize knowledge in agriculture by providing online courses to upskill the agri-learners ๐Ÿ“š

Our story

**Hello World๐Ÿ‘‹** Our story began with two friends - Chaitanya & Tejas, wanting to create an impact in the Indian agriculture ecosystem. It started with a Quora-like platform for farmers, which failed to address any problem. Thus, directing them towards a design thinking approach to explore the ecosystem in detail under the guidance of Digital Impact Square (DISQ). After understanding the problem, identifying the opportunity area, & ideating the solution, we are now marching forward to conduct our 1st pilot &, thus validating our hypotheses. Read more about our journey here.

Agriculture in India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

India is primarily an agriculture-based country, with most of the population living in villages are dependent on agriculture. The agriculture sector alone employs more than 54% of the workforce in India, but it contributes merely 16% towards the country's GDP. The condition of most agricultural households in India is terrible, their average income is โ‚น10,218 (2018-19). The sector suffers from multiple challenges like low productivity, land and irrigation issues, rapid climate change, fluctuating prices, market risks, and economic insecurity. The need of the hour is to reform, disrupt & rebuild the sector to make agriculture profitable to the rural households in India.

The problem we are solving...

At OneAgri, amongst all the problems associated with the sector, we are focused on solving the upskilling problem. A large portion of the agricultural workforce in India is either unskilled or under-skilled. By 2022, an estimated requirement of a skilled workforce in agriculture is more than 170 million. This massive need for skill development cannot be met by traditional methods alone. The traditional method relies on a physical approach, that is a physical training camp, thus restricting skill development at scale, as it requires significant infrastructure and resources. The physical training camps are also inconvenient & expensive to the learners, as they are forced to leave their work behind and travel to the camp location. The other method being adopted is online learning using YouTube/ Facebook, which is unreliable, unappealing, and unstructured. This online method neither provides a practical approach nor provides personalized attention to the learner. Moreover, there is no dedicated communication channel to solve the learner's doubt in this online format.

Our solution

<aside> ๐Ÿ’ก An e-learning platform for cohort-based courses to upskill the agri-learners. The courses are designed in collaboration with the best-in-class agriculture institutes and delivered in an engaging and interactive way using pre-recorded content and live sessions.


The core focus is to deliver highly practical and reliable knowledge through cohort-based courses. The cohort-based courses are synonyms to online boot camps, where learners learn together at the same time in a batch. This provides a peer-to-peer learning environment to the learners. The pre-recorded content enables learners to learn from anywhere & anytime as per their convenience, and with live sessions, learners can directly interact with the experts & clear their doubts. The learners also receive guidance from the experts to help them implement the learned skills in the field.


Live Sessions

Interact with experts to clear the doubts


Native Language

Learn in your regional language


Pre-recorded Content

Learn from anywhere & anytime


Personalized Attention

1-on-1 interaction with experts


Engaging Community

Learn & interact with the peers


Post-course Guidance

Implement skills with expert guidance

We partner with the best-in-class agriculture institutes to co-create the desired online courses, the institutes are responsible for the knowledge part and we focus on the structure and visual enhancement part.

We believe in the contrarian truth, that online learning is the future of agriculture, & cohort-based courses are the way of online skill development.

User segments

Our target user segment is digitally literate agri-learners that are eager to learn. Agri-learners meaning:



Improve agri-practices


Rural youths

Start agri-allied activities



Get a job in agri-industry



Start an agri-business

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